Моя корзина

Mini Cart

For years, in Haimen, a Chinese county not far from Shanghai, the ancient tradition of hand weaving with precious stones has been handed down.
It is really beautiful and rare to still find customs so rooted and yet open to innovation and eclecticism.
This time the tradition bypasses the schemes and along with the pop soul that distinguishes Seletti from give birth to a unique product, irreverent, playful and wrong. What’s the point in a wrong calendar? It’s to take life little seriously, to always find a new excuse to celebrate or not show up for appointments.
It is a hymn to lightness that ironically winks at the future!


Hands that indicate, create numbers in the air, send messages: “Bling Bling” is the wall calendar with small jewels and charms printed on embroidered linen, embellished with stones and crystals. A necklace frames the amulet brings good luck for 2021.


Oxen with flower eyes become the manifesto of good luck for 2021. Made with stones, crystals and threads inspired by the zodiac signs, they pay homage to the Chinese year of the Ox.

Andrea Incontri was born in Mantua in 1971. After his artistic studies he moved to Milan where he graduated in Architecture. In these years of training, passions for the visual arts, graphics, fashion and design grow in him, which will always remain a fundamental point of reference in his design vision.

The first professional collaborations were born within architectural firms, where Incontri deals with interior design. Together with these experiences he starts writing for some design magazines. His curiosity and creative sensibility push him towards the world of fashion, where he deepens his knowledge of fabrics and tailoring. During numerous research trips, especially in Japan, he studied forms of craftsmanship combined with the most sophisticated contemporary technologies.

Andrea Incontri's work ranges from designing collections to designing concepts for special fashion projects. In the 2000s he worked for international luxury companies through stylistic collaborations and creative directions. In 2009 he founded his own brand of the same name.

For many years Incontri has cultivated a passion for drawing and illustration. He finds continuous sources of inspiration in his daily life, in the observation of nameless objects, as well as the most common people. He is fascinated by that apparent normality which is not so normal. He collects antiques, which suggest textures and suggestions of an ancient flavor. The search for the stereotype was born in him starting from the analysis of gestures and mimicry, or rather from the most eccentric and unique parts of the individual.

For Incontri, women constitute the main territory for the exploration of mankind, which, in his vision, is configured in an interweaving of eccentric shapes, colors and ornaments. In 2016 the “Tipe Umane” (Human Types) were born, a continuous experiment on the female universe that consists of unconventional, often playful and eclectic images. They are born as digital designs and subsequently come to life in the form of prints on preciously hand-embroidered fabric.