Моя корзина

Mini Cart

Hi there!

We knew you’d be too curious to resist this trip to our show room!

Once you have clicked on the link below, to move inside without getting lost (yes, it is huge), we recommend some tricks:


- As soon as you are in front of the entrance, first click on the sandwich icon that you find on the top left, you will need it!

- Moving inside is very simple, click on the button that you will find in the middle of the image to go in that direction; hold down the right mouse button and rotate your point of view: top, bottom, right or left!

- Don’t miss any of the different content surprises you’ll find, each of them will lead you to something special!

- From our virtual showroom you can buy all the products you see and like, as it is very simple, just click on the closest shopping cart you see.

- We have divided the space into 4 macro areas to make your visit easier:


MOSTRE: the main corridors

COLLEZIONI: here you will find all (or almost) Seletti’s products of the last 15 years

SHOWROOM: the most scenic space, where the various collections mix and party together

ESPOSIZIONE: on the second floor, where you will find entire families of products and many lounges where you can  take inspiration.


What if you get lost? Better this way! : )

Have fun!